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We all want to be model

Why did they put clothing on a refrigerator?????

see it’s funny because I’M BIG and REFRIGERATORS are BIG. it’s a joke, do you get it? because refrigerators are big. and i am also big. the joke is based on the comparison between the two. because, you see, refrigerators are large.

and get this

i am ALSO large.

and furthermore, refrigerators are known for how much space they take up. and, if you’ll notice, i do too. 

both of us are big, so it’s funny

do you not

why aren’t you laughing yet?

because, see me? i’m big. like a refrigerator

it’s funny because we’re the same

i don’t know how i can make this any clearer

two things are big: one is a refrigerator, and the other is me

ugh this humor is too sophisticated for you

The outfit was cute, but then I scrolled down and the response was so amazing. You are fantastic.

bow to the queen

her eyeliner game so sharp she don’t even need to slay your sorry ass

See and then here’s me scrolling down and going “Fuck she’s adorable!  Damn she be rocking that look.  Screw the haters because for one second the thought “Oh she’s bigger (Or whatever)” didn’t even cross my mind.  Idk what’s wrong with society, but seriously, you can come over and help me with fashion, hair and makeup any day you want, plus your sense of humor and flawless use of sarcasm makes me think we could have a blast.




The royal ball pit

I laughed unnecessarily hard at this.

[First image: The Duke of Weselton, bowing to Elsa and Anna at the ball.]

Weselton: It seems only fitting that I should offer you your first dance as Queen

Second and third images:  Elsa speaking to Weselton, as Anna looks on.]

Elsa: Thank you, only I don’t dance. But I can offer you an extra hour in the ball pit in consolation.

OMG…. It hurts…. but I love it… but it hurts so much.







I Promise I’m Not a Murderer: The Story of a Researching Writer

now with a sequel:

I Swear I’m Not Pregnant, I’m Just Naming Characters

Don’t forget: I’m not Trying to Break Into This Building, I Just Need to Know the Layout of it

And the ever appealling: I’m Not Planning on Killing Myself, I Just Need to Know How a Character Could Commit Suicide Whilst Making it Look Like a Murder

I recommend

I’m Not a Terrorist, I Just Need to Know How a Criminal Mastermind Would Properly Construct a Bomb

And my personal favourite

I Swear I’m Not Sick I Just Like Making Characters Suffer By Giving Them Deadly Diseases

(Source: dumbfuckingnerds)




The fact that wizard law enforcement found a dude’s finger and immediately closed the investigation, declared him dead, and concluded that the only possible explanation for why they only found a finger was that he was killed so hard that the rest of him was obliterated kind of speaks volumes about why nobody followed up when the genocidal serial killer just vanished.

The Ministry of Magic is fucking useless.


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