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Anonymous asked:

why do girls go to the bathroom together






  • to keep out the creepers trying to sneak a peak into the girl bathroom while your peeing
  • to have a feeling of security
  • to have a place to talk where the boys can’t hear
  • to have someone to help with either your hair, outfit or makeup
  • to gossip in safety
  • to cry in safety
  • to talk about the hottie in your algebra class
  • to get away from the forever judging society filled with antifeminists for a few moments
  • to tell each other you look like sluts and need to tone down the cat eye and pull up your shirt without the chance of other people hearing
  • to tell a secret
  • possibly because you both have to go to the bathroom

Also to rap battle

To sacrifice the males

To have lesbian sex

To open the Chamber of Secrets

So I just posted an ad, looking for people to hire me to take their photos, on my professional facebook page and a friend posts all like “I’ll willing to help with whatever you need! I’ve always wanted pictures done with my dog!”

It’s like, I’m not looking for a model for a project, what I need is for someone to hire me. To pay me. Because I’m a broke-ass college student. Are you going to pay me for that?

How do you even ask that?:

"I’ll willing to help with whatever you need! I’ve always wanted pictures done with my dog!"

"Are you going to pay me?"

And I know I wasn’t unclear about my intentions because a few minutes later another friend contacted me about hiring me to do photos wondering what my prices are.



Emma Watson is a pretty stellar individual. Given the opportunity, she gave an amazing speech to hundreds, advocating for gender equality, as well as a movement that debunked any potential “man-hating” notion that the anti-feminists would otherwise use. And of course, the video was seen by hundreds of thousands of individuals, many of them being men and boys who are now avidly supporting HeForShe.

I am loving the overflow of support for the #HeForShe campaign, which advocates gender equality in all ways possible. And as such, I am hating the outburst of those who cry foul, who threaten the campaign, but also Emma Watson with potential slander.

Nevertheless, the HeForShe campaign continues to grow stronger, fuller, and more realized by a growing community that believes in gender equality. I like the idea of us all being treated as human beings, and not anything less than that.



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